Les Day & Night Toothpastes

Les Day & Night Toothpastes


Les Day & Night toothpastes are the right combination to perfect your smile!

Two toothpastes working to gives you a bright, healthy and clean result. They are made with vegetable glycerin .

The day formula uses Xylitol to protect your teeth and prevent stains throughout your day. Peppermint Oil keeps your breath smelling minty fresh. Sodium Bicarbonate naturally restores the whiteness of your teeth whilst keeping your gums healthy too. A splash of Pomegranate acts as an antioxidant for both your mouth and gums.

The night formula is spearmint flavoured and gently whitens your teeth with Activated Charcoal, a low abrasive that removes stains from the surface of the tooth without damaging the enamel. Silica helps to ensure healthy gums along with minerals and Vitamin E to restore your enamel overnight.

The Pack contains 2 vegan and halal friendly toothpastes.

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