La Candle "Constellation"

La Candle "Constellation"


Brand: Noctua

Constellation candles are unique candles (none are identically repeatable) which call for daydreaming. All are made based soy wax and scents from Grasse, a sprinkle of glitter and gold powder. The process is made entirely by hand and my imagination sandstone.
Let yourself be tempted and surprised to find a bit of sky and glittering Galaxy in these beautiful candles.

100% natural candles made with care and quality materials (recyclable container, soy wax, Wick core paper and scents of Grasse in Provence.)
Each candles soy wax is poured carefully before adding delicate natural pigments and subtle scents.
Burn time of about 25 hours.
Product is handmade and that may contain imperfections not affecting use.
Do not leave burning candle unattended.
Cut the wick to 0.5 cm before use (except the first).

Constellation rose scented cotton candy, glitter and gold powder.


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