Autumnal Positive Tips


Part one -Body

As the weather begins to turn Autumnal our instinct as humans can be to huddle down, stay indoors, turn up the heating and reach for the carbs.

But all the evidence points to this approach not providing us with the sustenance we need for our bodies minds or spirits.

As a mother of three, I am used to thinking ahead to what my children need to be doing but it is easier said than done to transfer that for the average adult.

This blog series is all about small actionable changes that you can make that may help you over this colder period to stay well and thrive.

To begin with - Body

Have you ever heard of body brushing?

At this time of year our skin begins to dry out, By starting a routine of daily body brushing you can

- Shed dead skin cells

- Encourage new cell renewal

- Aid with in growing hairs

- It can help your skin absorb nutrients

By doing something like this for yourself first thing in the morning, it can set you up for the day in regards to self care. The best way to body brush:

- Start on dry skin before your shower

- Work in gentle circular upwards movements, the longer, smoother strokes

- Begin at the ankles in upwards motion towards the heart. The lymphatic fluid flows through the body towards your heart, so its important you brush in the same direction

- Shower to wash away the dead skin cells and impurities

- Alternate the temperature in the shower from cold to hot which will invigorate the skin & bring more blood to the outer layers of the skin

- Follow up with a little moisturizer - Le Pure Shea Oil

Give this a go and create a healthy new habit that will give you a great energy boost this Autumn. To get the next tip in our blog series check back here on 5th November or sign up to our mailing list here and get it straight to your inbox!

Thanks for reading

Patience Modevi - Founder - Otentik Care

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