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Part Two - Mind

Hi Everyone,

I hope you have all been enjoying the Autumn fun, with Halloween, trick or treating, & bonfire night. You may have read our first blog last month which began our well being series beginning with the body.

Today in 'Part Two' I'd like to focus on well being for the mind. As the year begins to draw to a close it is natural for our own thoughts to turn to what we feel we may have achieved, what we may feel we haven’t achieved & how we can set ourselves up for future success in the new year.

One of the most useful methods for clearing your mind on a daily basis is keeping a journal. Nowadays using a screen, typing and texting can feel frantic and leave us feeling agitated and over stimulated. By choosing to set aside 20 minutes a day to use a nice notebook & pen to sit with the intention of transferring our mental thoughts onto the page, we effectively clear our minds of worry, negativity & intrusive thoughts.

To create a space to begin journaling it is best to

- Put your journaling time into your diary, treat it as a daily self care appointment. You will then begin to do it habitually.

- Put your phone on airplane mode to avoid interruptions/distractions

- Set the mood for self care by making your space as serene as possible, you might like to try lighting a scented candle that smells good to you. To play some classical or natural sounds music to create a sound barrier between you and the world.

- It is best to have a specific notebook just for your daily journalling, so why not choose something lovely that sparks joy when you handle it?

- Set yourself a timer for 20 minutes and just try to write constantly for that entire time. Or alternatively you could just go with the flow.

- Light your candle and listen to your chosen music, your mind will begin to train itself to empty its thoughts onto the page and create a calmer, more positive mental place to begin each new day with.

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