How success stories uplift others?


A positive head space

Hi Everyone,

As we begin to edge towards the festive period (some of you may already have your tree up?) We are here again to remind you of the benefits of taking care of yourself. When we feel good inside we function better, & deal better with the normal strains of modern living too.

Do you ever pick up a newspaper, or go online to read about current affairs and come away feeling sad, drained, depleted? It is amazing the power that external factors have to influence our mental state. How about if instead you decided to spend the evening with your best friends, the ones you love, who lift you up and keep you sane? Just thinking about that has maybe put a little smile on your face?

Our brains are incredible, they can become happy or sad based on very simple stimuli & of course it is important to live in the real world and be well informed, & to take an interest in improving the world for others, but once in a while we need to just recharge, to be in a positive place & balance ourselves again.

Have you ever tried any of the following for a really good simple uplifting experience?

1) Find a copy of your favourite childhood book, and spend a night reading it. Notice how this makes you feel, tapping into that happy time again.

2) Go out early in the morning, & watch the sun rise, this is such a primitive way of reconnecting with our heritage as humans before we were able to create our own timescales with electrical lighting.

3) Download some audio books from inspirational people such as Michelle Obama, and let the positive empowering stories lift you to a higher place.

And I'd love to tell you all about another activity which I am running on the 6th of December too, have you ever heard of Adult Kolooring Time? This is a group run where you can immerse yourself in a relaxing and enjoyable experience with other like minded adults and create a really relaxing time for yourself before the Christmas rush begins. Please do click over to our website for more information.

Why not tell us about your favourite positive ways to reenergise via Instagram/twitter or facebook using the #otentikcarepositive hashtag.

Until next time


Patience Modevi