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Eat the Rainbow…


How are you finding February so far? If you are off this week with your family for half term, then have a lovely time, & let's hope that the weather is as good as it can be for this time of year!

I wanted to write today about nutrition, and make a few suggestions on how you can stay healthy and well at this time of year. I don't know about you but the dark evenings make it harder to think about planning lovely fresh meals that include lots of vegetables, even though thats exactly what I should be doing.

Family Days Out

Building on the theme of half term, it can be a lot of fun to try and create some family trips out to food markets, to try and tick two boxes at once, if you can walk or cycle to the market even better. We are so blessed in London with food markets from Borough to Brockley Market. Admittedly sometimes these markets are not the cheapest, but maybe creating a family meal planner for the week in advance, that allows each person to choose one favourite meal, and then shopping for some of the ingredients at the market, and some in the supermarket, lets you control the cost more carefully. Helping children to see food in a more raw unpackaged state such as you do at food markets is also helpful for their general education.

Eat the Rainbow

A great general tip picked up from listening to great nutritionists is we should try to ‘Eat the Rainbow’ which means eating fruit & vegetables across all colours of the spectrum from blueberries, to kiwi fruit, to red cabbage, and Kale. This can be a really fun way of getting the vital nutrients you need without having to obsess over them.

Helpful Meal Plan

An easy way of getting more colour into your diet might be

Breakfast - Eggs on wholemeal toast with pan fried Kale & tomatoes, and maybe some smashed avocado to top the toast. Finish with a healthy sprinkle of flax seeds for bonus points.

Lunch - Home made tomato soup, with a lovely big green salad, including sprouting vegetables & maybe a home made cheese scone for the yummy factor.

Dinner - An easy mid week meal could be lots of roasted vegetables such as peppers, ginger, garlic, butternut squash & onions, served with long grain rice & Salmon or a Chicken Bread.

And there you have it a meal plan to hit all the colours of the rainbow and help keep you healthy!

We have an event coming up in March that will focus on Nutrition to beat Stress and Fatigue for more details https://www.otentikcare.co.uk/new-events/2019/3/9/nutritional-wellbeing-workshop

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Until next time!


Patience Modevi