Focusing on Sexual Wellbeing



How can I improve my Sexual Wellbeing?

Hello to you all! Hoping you are feeling great in this new month of April! Sexual Wellbeing is a complicated topic because it can cover many elements all equally important for feeling at our best.

We all know that enjoying a good relationship with our partner can be one of the most amazing feelings in the world but it can feel like there are a barrage of factors affecting the likelihood of this being the case. Here are some of the most common causes of your sexual relationship not being at its peak, fortunately all of them are fixable, and we hope this is a helpful post for you.

Body Image

For many people body confidence will play a large role in how sexual we feel. For women who have had children they may feel their body image has changed. It can feel like the figure they once had is gone forever, & this can impact wellbeing mentally. If this has happened to you then there are many positive ways of moving forwards from getting advice from your GP to seeking out specialists from nutritionists to pelvic floor experts. Finding a trainer who can take you through a tailored workout programme can also be beneficial. There is a clear link between the endorphins released during exercise and the ability to feel good about our bodies.

Managing Stress

In or busy modern world wellbeing can often feel like it is of low priority. Many women in their 30s plus are juggling families both of young children who have all the needs that infants do, to helping teenage children to negotiate the stresses and strains of keeping safe, achieving their potential & developing into good people. Add a full on corporate job to the mix, keeping a house going & maybe dealing with aging parents, and that can be a cocktail of stress and strain on a woman. One of the keys to this particular drain on sexual wellbeing is asking your partner to take a more active role both with life admin & the familiy. Often women can feel they shoulder a lot more of the family burden with the man in the family still taking a more traditional role. But in any relationship regardless of orientation a situation where one partner bears more of the burden will only lead to stress and resentment. Opening channels of communication whether talking over a glass of wine in the evening, or going out to eat when you can away from the family are only going to help the bond you feel for each other.


Lack of sleep is a killer for the libido, when the body is tired all it craves is space & time to switch off & recharge. At this point the idea of 8 hours in a bed alone is a lot more appealing than sharing intimacy with your partner. Again steps can be taken to try to share the load more at home whether that involves getting up at night with a young child, or putting better work life balance in place so that one partner is not working late into the evening, it is really important to sort out how rest is going to take priority for a while. Until you feel refreshed & have more energy again. Other issues to keep in mind include not bringing technology into the bedroom, phones should be left downstairs to charge taking away the disruption & alternative to focusing your attentions on your partner.

By focusing on these three areas you may start to feel like your relationship improves & sex becomes less of a chore & more of a pleasure again. If you would like to spend more time on this topic, we have an event on May 21st hosted by OtentikCare and led by Becks Armstrong.

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