Let's talk about Sex: The Aftermath!


Love Yourself! Let's Talk about Sex - The Aftermath!.png

Hello to you all!

We have entered a brand new month, and I hope you are loving this new month of June.

Let's talk about sex was our workshop of the month last month and we had the privilege of collaborating with the amazingly free speaking Becks.

Here is the aftermath of it!

The overall sense of the workshop was to realise, develop and accept that as women we are allowed to feel sexually pleased and satisfied whether we are in a relationship or not. Reconnecting with the essence of who we are.

For the first part we all listened as Becks talked about how women sexual beliefs were led by men for a long time. We all agreed on all the beliefs we kept as an heritage coming from our parents. whom also learned from their parents and so on.

All in all until recently most of the research around women sexual well-being was done by men and therefore one sided.

Women are now taking more part into the research but also breaking up taboo on their own sexuality. It is an empowering era!

We got to see a dummy size of a clitoris and learned how practically orgasms happened.

We moved on to libido check slowly discussing how our libido was effectively affected by our mental health. A tool to help with helping for a low libido is to journal everyday and to practice breathing and meditation regularly.

The discussion went on in giggles as we all opened up and ask the most silly and "unsilly" questions!

We were introduce to the store Sh! that you can find at www.sh-womenstore.com

In hindsight, we were all pleased to have had such a liberating conversation.

Two takeaways tips from the event would be, one to start romancing each other from morning by doing simple things like sending a text at work, or calling each other way before the actual act of love happens, anything that will stimulate the want. Second to always have a trip to the bathroom after the act of love in order to flush out.

Pick up a journal within the store and head to https://clarity.app/ for mindfulness and libido improvement session

If you have any questions on this subject do not hesitate to contact Becks, give her a follow on Instagram @becksaloid or @hey_clarity.

Speak to you soon!